Stick and Poke - Youth Crew

from by Hledání / Stick and Poke

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Hey you, dude standing outside the venue
Asking everyone if they're straight edge
If they say yes you will offer your hand
But if they say no, you tell them to 'learn the truth'

But its up to them, what they do with their lives
If they like to drink, well that's just fine
Who the fuck are you to tell them what's right?
What happened to the freedom to choose?

So fuck your conversions
Fuck all your rules
And treating non-edgers as if they were fools
People like you give straight edge a bad name
Persecuting those who don't feel the same

Well its true that I am straight edge myself
But that's because it works for me
I don't give a fuck how you enjoy yourself
Just don't fucking judge cause I'm clean

Even though I live the same way
I wont perpetuate your stupid clichés
Did you forget why we're all even here?
It's about the music, not the fucking beer

So fuck your conventions
Fuck all your rules
Those X's on your hands make you look like a tool
I may be straight edge myself but I just gotta to say
Fascist elitism is never okay
Yeah, fascist elitism is never okay


Intro: G D C Em G D G
Verse 1: G D C Em
Verse 2: Em C G D
Chorus: G D C D
Verse 3: G D C Em
Verse 4: Em C G D
Chorus: G D C D, end on G


from split, released January 27, 2016




chyba Czech Republic

CHYBA records je malej DIY label, kterej se zaměřuje na hudbu, co má co říct.
CHYBA records is a small DIY label, which is focusing on music, which have something to say.

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