Stick and Poke - Teeth On A String

from by Hledání / Stick and Poke

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Little Fox Girl you are small and fair
Racing through the forest with your thin tangled hair
The forest where you dwell protecting you from harm
Away from mischief trouble but not immune to dark charm

Because in the forest there shadows a beast
Dark, handsome, delirious to say in the least
Through the mist to meet her he comes from the dark
Quite ready to steal that little foxes heart

Now I'm screaming bloody murder how did I get myself into this mess?
I will rip my teeth out one by one and sew them onto my dress x2

Curiosity killed the cat a wise owl once said
When the cat turned around she ended up dead
Eaten by the wolf her body's now gone
Just looking to impress, oh where did she go wrong?

Well that stupid Fox Girl she could not resist a look
The price that she paid was her sanity he took
With his back turned away his views are hazy
Calling her insane when it's he who drives her crazy!


With an expected twist in fate he spits out the cat
For his fox lady friend he'd do much more than that
He pulls his teeth out and places them on a string
Places them in her hand and says 'Remember me when you sing'

Chords (Capo 2):

Verse 1: Am F C
Verse 2: Am G F Am Am G F C
Chorus: Am C G F C G
Verses 3+4: Am F C G, end on F


from split, released January 27, 2016




chyba Czech Republic

CHYBA records je malej DIY label, kterej se zaměřuje na hudbu, co má co říct.
CHYBA records is a small DIY label, which is focusing on music, which have something to say.

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