Stick and Poke - Poe

from by Hledání / Stick and Poke

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Little Marshall enjoyed the woods
He'd stay out all night if he could
But with his mom yelling 'go to bed'
He could only dream about the forest in his head

Then one night Marshall stayed up late
Ignoring his mothers cries of hate
He ran from is house into the deep
Forest, unknowing what in the darkness creeped

Faster and faster he ran through the woods
Far from his home, away from where he should
Be, the night is too dark for a child
Too cold, too black, too grim and too wild

Marshall spotted a tree, it was black and tall
but underneath it there was a beast that was, calling out
what a bloodthirsty shriek
it sprung and chased poor Marshall into the deep

As Marshall was running he wondered why
He had left his house, he was sure to die!
In the forest, a cabin, there was still hope
Glob had finally thrown little Marshall a rope


A man in the cabin let Marshall in
He slammed the door with a toothy grin
With the beast outdoors and the man inside
There was plainly no place for Marshall to hide

Marshall came to see he had lost the chase
The man grabbed his arm with a forceful embrace
That was it for poor Marshall there was no way out
He opened his mouth but he could not shout!

The beast crashed through the window mangling the man
Marshall fell to the floor, releasing his hand
Marshall saw in the light, the beast was little dog Poe
His trusty black lab had vanquished his foe!

With the moon down low and the sun rising up
What a frightful night he had endured with his pup
They trotted side by side out of the woods
Trailing behind them a puddle of the man's bloooooood

Chords (Capo 2):
Intro: Dm F Dm A Dm F Dm A
Verses: Dm F Dm Dm A Dm Dm F Dm Dm G A
Pre-Choruses: Bb A Bb A Bb A
Choruses: Dm F Dm Dm A Dm Dm F Dm Dm G A


from split, released January 27, 2016




chyba Czech Republic

CHYBA records je malej DIY label, kterej se zaměřuje na hudbu, co má co říct.
CHYBA records is a small DIY label, which is focusing on music, which have something to say.

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