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What are you waiting for – do it yourself! DIY is the way how recover our punk, It's laying in our hands with hard breath, It's time to know, what we will do! What will be happen without the people, which doing something for the punk? -you know the answer. DIY – Do It Yourself DIY – better way DIY – be one's own man DIY – withdrawal of consume! There's so many ways, where you can go, So many things, what you can do, Constructive activities for each of us, All of that without the Babylon and its pressure! Punk is now in worse situation, lets say on the death-bed. And it's so easy...Only with the DIY philosophy we can change the things and move punk to similar face as in 80's, when bands like Crass, Flux Of Pink Indians and others keep it in real. All without commercial crap, honestly, from heart and mainly with some message. Throw away your wasting of time in the pub and lets start do something, or our punk will die. Soon.
Black army with shell belts Uniformity of “crust war” Fighting with emo music Who is not with us stand against us Pro elite of punk kings – spreading equality Who may trust you if you make the contrary – slander and condemn others Get out of your ghetto - which way you help others by your pride? Elite is for nazis and the things you do stands you to their position What’s happened with you? You fight against yourself ...for yourself Closed community only for some V.I.P.’s If you don’t fulfil the claims – get out of here Who from us edit the “hardcore patent” One dogma substitute the others Your stupid war have no solution Fall down from the sky – reality is simple: We must help to each other we are on one boat Why we must compete between us about the thing: “who is better and who is worse”? “Scene” like a word we may put on the same position as “society” is. Who ever really seen at least one of these words? Do we make the things in the scene indeed or just for to be shown in nice flash before the “ones”? We're take a care about our image, choosy language, we slander each of us behind the back, and finally we create new closed ghetto's, where's no place to let in someone else and all of that we attend by our “local elite”. When we finally disengage out of that shackles, which we proudly tattoo on our body, or inscribe to our face?
How much time do we have before the curtain fall down? Just before you know it, keep smiling around How much time do we have before we loose our environs? Try to find it in your memory – it may prompt you... Just because of our depressions we can also know the things which we don’t want to know. We can search it in our brains and make a fun from it, or we can honestly fill yourself by some booze, like the biggest cowards, or get mad... After that with calm in our soul we decide to know that we don’t want to know it. We’re rather close our eyes – hands of and out-of-self Who knows – gladly answer to yourself and keep quiet, Who sleeps – gladly constantly sleep and cry... Without these things it will be all better Status of reality – psychic in fight Not so many people can help you in the right time You’re waiting for salvation – for oxymoron How much time do we have? To experience wonder of life?
we're cutting the air by blunted swords for feeling of certainty, for better stench you make something-and it will shatter by itself only for the moment - before all vanish only for the moment – for the silence before storm only for the moment – for the silence after the storm no one will win no one will gain the prize no one will loose no one will take part of this our dreams only inside the dreams bad answers for ever questions living in shadow, waiting for storm which if finally come – immediately vanish.
Loudly I shout and nothing I say I have resolution for living – at the same time I want to die Build the stairs – I reach the top Dig the hole – and everybody goes down Stick the “punk” on your forehead Give me money and you’ll became a hero Business: punk! Big festivals and millions in profit Rugged image like a rule – we must be visible Something’s failed, because threat became a business Now is possible to trust almost to nothing Stand in the row like a new model You’ll get a tag and label with EAN code For bonus cheerokee’s hair on your head and some patches Like your idol from MTV...
Welcome here, in place of nothing there's all what you want, but it stinks a lot creative activity or at least some enthusiasm no one wants to do something-we are pushed someone is glittering-showing their teeths so what? No change is coming... you are comfortable so horrible comfortable everyone have waffles nearby beer in the pub when the action comes, you're rotting at home so why we are effort, if you don't care try to do something, because we have almost no power so I knee there and you're laughing festival of comfort, waffles and plans instant rebelism, you're getting “free” help is for nothing and everybody know it.
I hear the voices and slanders from the distance but I disobey this and I going further. To the place where isn't the thing which you grow up I turn off yourself and I don't think about. somewhere behind the case is the place which nobody knows I run away and never come back and this stinky fish I leave alone-on its place I'm positive, bones overthere. you'll never get my corpse You'll never get my soul With the last autumn leaf-fall our game breeze out It's flying like a litter The thing what holds me up is strange love Don't let yourself to be absorbed by the things which makes you worry because there's always point for living and reason for fight. I run away and I don't know where we run away but we don't know where When the sunset come, you'll became a picture – live, not dead remember the dreams, who was the one – your hero is dead and who supports you in bad time so why I don't see any reflection of light? ...mirror doesn't working yet (or anymore?)
Relocation acts to destroy the Peoples Nations People-by blood tied to their land Beyond our literal sense to leave means death White Hand-shaking Red Hand forms a trust With fingers tightly crossed behind the back What are hand gives the other takes back Relocation Relocation For each step forward they are twice kicked back Relocation Relocation Scared-by tensions in the past Of blatant genocide and murderous acts Tears-just a shorter trail of tears Unlike the past these paths are covered up What are hand gives the other takes back Relocation Relocation For each step forward they are twice kicked back Relocation Relocation Wars-battlefields are now in courts Redfolos valor lies on white mans law Laws-cases ruled in a racist past Set precedence for any future trials


V pořadí druhé CD jihlavské bikepunx bandy RUCE PO OBRNĚ a premiéra experimentálně/folkového uskupení POSTGUSTO. Ruce Po Obrně oproti minulému splitu s anarchopunkovými TUPAK AMARU trošku změnili hudbu, ale textově pořád stejně. POSTGUSTO je nový projekt členů SAMOCHOTIJO a HAMPL a oproti svým „mateřským“ kapelám usedá do jiných vod. Výborný experimentální folk se španělkou, saxofonem a s elektronickým podkladem s bongama, doplněno lyrickými texty o zajímavých věcech. To vše zabaleno v DIY obalu s kresleným bookletem, za 50 korun (2 Eura).

Second CD of bikepunx band from Jihlava/CZ called RUCE PO OBRNĚ and first step of experimental folk group POSTGUSTO. Ruce Po Obrně changed a music little bit from previous split with anarchopunks TUPAK AMARU, but lyrics stay same. Postgusto is a new project members of SAMOCHOTIJO (dark HC/crust,Nový Bor,CZ) and HAMPL (hardcorepunk,Vrchlabí/CZ) and instead of their mother bands they follow different path. Great experimental folk with spanish guitar, sax and electronic samples, bongos, filled with great lyrics with soul. All packed in DIY cover from garbage&drawed booklet,all for 2€.


released June 21, 2009

Nezapomeň si přečíst texty v bookletu!
Don't forget to read the lyrics in booklet!




chyba Czech Republic

CHYBA records je malej DIY label, kterej se zaměřuje na hudbu, co má co říct.
CHYBA records is a small DIY label, which is focusing on music, which have something to say.

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